BIORESTORE is a patent pending home laundry Re-Tergent
that renews, revives and restores old & worn clothing to new.

BIORESTORE removes Pilling / Lint / Garment Fuzz / Bobbles
from the garments surface, improving the colour brilliance,
realigning the fibres, and reshaping the garments fabric structure.


BIORESTORE is made with enzymes and consciously selected ingredients,
each with a role to play in getting your garments looking great.

There is no fragrance, or unnessecary additonal ingredients,we’ve kept it simple and sustainable
for a low environmental impact with big benefits for your wardrobe and the planet.

For full transparency we share our ingredients list with you:

< 5% Ethoxylated fatty alcohol. 10-60% granulated enzymes, sodium sulphate.
> 5 - 15% Non ionic tensioniser, sodium citrate, adipic acid.

All ingredients are fully certified and approved by both EU and US regulatory authorities.

The result

Take a look at some of the results from our satisfied BIORESTORE customers.

How to use BIORESTORE?

The simple-to-use BIORESTORE home laundry solution has been designed to work in a similar way to regular home laundry detergents. There the similarities end, and the patent pending science of BIORESTORE Retergent begins.

1. Prep

Select cotton garments
& Separate colors

*0,35kg garments /

Take a ''Before'' Photo

2. Place


Wash 40ºC / 104°F

***Tumble dry cool
or rinse wash

3. Party


Take an ''After'' Photo

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*0,35kg Garments / Sachet or you can use multiple sachets for a heavier load - for example 3 Sachets = 1kg of garments.
**Do not add any other laundry products to the laundry with BIORESTORE.
***Opt 1: Tumble dry or Opt 2: rinse wash & line dry - This step completes the process of BIORESTORE, choose 1 option depending on the garment care label recommendations or your laundry preferences.

Questions? Doubts?

Go to our FAQs page, where you’ll also find tips & tricks, trouble shooting and more

Materials, Fabrics, Textiles

BIORESTORE is suitable for 100% cotton and cotton blend fabrics upto 50% Cotton blended with other fibres.

Cotton 100%

Cotton/Linen Blend

Cotton/Wool Blend

Cotton/Poly Blend

Cotton/Cashmere Blend

Cotton/Silk Blend

Wool 100%

Cashmere 100%

Silk 100%

Polyester 100%

Nylon 100%

Synthetic 100%

How many garments can I wash?

Each box of BIORESTORE can restore up to 6-8 adult garments or a total textile dry weight of 1kg/2.2lbs of textiles. To help calculate the garment weight we’ve taken the most common clothing items and done the maths for you.

Of course all clothing is different, with different yarn weights, volume of material for a fitted or a loose garment, therefore we recommend to grab the scales if you’d like a more accurate number.

*All garment weights based on industry standard - size medium
** All garment weights based on dry garments

What can you expect

100%-70% cotton

70%-50% cotton

-50% cotton

No more scissors, shavers, razors!

We’ve tried and tested ALL the ‘’solutions’’ including garment shavers, softeners,
razors, brighteners, scalpels, scissors, wool combs, sticky tape,
detergents, shampoo’s, softeners, sand paper, pumice stones,
elbow grease and more, now its time for science.