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Do you challenge the status quo, go left when other go right, think about what the box is made of rather than think outside of it?

Are YOU up for the challenge and ready to join the team?

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    Inclusive & Open Minded

    We hire the little guy, the over looked, the under represented, the outsider, the quiet voices with the big ideas and those that’s rhythm beats to a different drum.

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    Science, Art & Sustainable 1st

    We look for those who treat & consider their expert knowledge to be a perfect blend of science & an art, putting sustainability front & centre of their thought process & craft.

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    Innovators, Inspirers & Edu’tainers

    We bring BRING INSPIRATION & INNOVATION TO EVERY laundry IN THE WORLD via edu’tainment, elevating the mundane into a moment & a new memory with Before & after moments.

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    Questioners Count

    We look for do’ers, go getters, self learners & status quo questioners who can work in a team first culture of innovation & a shared purpose to leave an enduring impact.


To get here, we started with garments at the end of their life and worked our way backwards. By this we mean, we started with our own worn-out clothes and our direct experience of witnessing textile waste in landfills around the world. Whilst we knew that these mountains of wasted garments could be repurposed or recycled, we wondered if they could instead be simply renewed and restored.

With 30+ years of experience from the fashion, textile and material science’s industry, we understood and shared the frustration of losing your favorite garments to time. To solve this, we did what we know best - we studied the yarns, inspected the garment failures, crunched the numbers and analyzed the data to develop a solution which we call BIORESTORE.

Founded: 2020

Team: 6

Countries: 3