Revive, Restore & Renew your
wardrobe in 1 home laundry wash

BIORESTORE is an Award Winning & Patent
Pending Laundry Re-Tergent
suitable for
cotton & cotton blended clothing & textiles.

Minimal Ingredients - Maximum Impact

Minimal Ingredients - Maximum Impact

Minimal Ingredients - Maximum Impact

Minimal Ingredients - Maximum Impact

Minimal Ingredients - Maximum Impact

BIORESTORE removes pilling, refreshes colors, revives the surface and shape, and renews the print of garments

BIORESTORE Re-Tergent is a simple & easy to use solution designed to restore clothing & textiles made from at least 70% cotton with just one wash in a standard 40°C/104°F home laundry machine cycle of 2 hours.

Remove Pilling

Refresh Colour

Revive Surface & Shape

Renew Print

Less is more

Typically, laundry powder detergents contain 16+ ingredients. BIORESTORE is made from a streamlined formulation designed to deliver maximum results with minimal environmental impact.

*Source: Chemistry at Home, Exploring the Ingredients in Everyday Products.

John Emsley - Royal Society of Chemistry.

What we leave out!

✗ Optical Brighteners✗ Bleaches✗ Whiteners✗ Dyes✗ Color Enhancers✗ Fragrances✗ Softeners✗ Aesthetic Powder Elements

Developed in Sweden

Designed & developed in Sweden by Fashion & Textile Industry experts.

Made in the EU

BIORESTORE is produced & packed in Europe in specialised manufacturing facilities.

Safe to use*

*Screened by REACH (EU) and the TSCA & California Prop 65 (US) standards

Cruelty Free / Vegan

The ingredients of BIORESTORE are vegan and are not tested on animals

Cost Saving

Using BIORESTORE to renew clothing enables significant economic savings in comparison to purchasing new clothing.

Carbon Footprint Calculator

351,400 kg

CO2e Saving Potential*/**


Clothing Items Restored 2024*/**

*Verified by Climate Partner gmbh - based on restoring an average T-Shirt weighing 175g
** Volume of BIORESTORE sales - 01.03.2024

How the science works - 3 simple steps

Biorestore Cotton utilizes ExfoZymes, an enzyme that performs a reaction (selective hydrolysis) with cotton (cellulose), removing pilling (microfibrils). By targeting β-1,4-d-glucan links, BIORESTORE ExfoZymes remove unwanted pilling from the fabric surface, resulting in smoother pilling-free fabric with enhanced color vibrancy.



Magnified clothing fibre with pilling (microfibrils ”noppor”) on textile surface


During Wash

BIORESTORE ExfoZymes targets microfibrils on the clothing surface by gently exfoliating & removing pilling



The result is a smooth pilling-free surface with refreshed colors and revived shape & surface for your clothing

‘’The most sustainable clothes
are already in your wardrobe’’

Orsola Castro

Satisfaction Guaranteed

At BIORESTORE we stand by our product & the claim of
‘’It’s not magic, it’s science’’

If BIORESTORE does not meet your expectations or restores your garment
satisfactorily we offer a full refund, no fuss.*

Customer Reviews

  • ★★★★★

    ‘’It’s almost mind blowing how the fabric just comes to life"

    Louise P

    Stockholm, Sweden

  • ★★★★★

    “Unbelievable! Rejuvenated my old college sweatshirts - they look like new! Science is helping us live longer, now it’s helping our favourite clothes to last longer too!”

    Matthew Mounsey-Wood

    London, UK

  • ★★★★★

    ‘’Obsessed. Amazed. Shocked. The list is long. So so happy! THANKYOU BIORESTORE for saving my daughters worn out clothes’’

    Sofia K

    Luleå, Sweden

  • ★★★★★

    “I washed a 10 year old jumper with BIORESTORE and I can’t believe it - it looks like new. I did the same with a couple of old sweatshirts. It’s FANTASTIC.”

    David Morris

    Leicester, UK