Simple & effective to use, BIORESTORE Re-Tergent is designed to restore & renew clothing & textiles that contain at least 70% cotton.

The wash cycle should be a minimum of 2hours, set to a temperature of 40°c / 104°F, and should ideally be dryed in a tumble dryer on a warm setting.*

1 x 120g box of BIORESTORE contains 3 sachets of BIORESTORE. The full box Washes 1kg of clothing or textiles equal to 6 - 8** adult garments.

Each clothing or textile item treatment with BIORESTORE is effective for 9 months***

BIORESTORE should be used in a home laundry washing machine at 40°c, on an Eco or Cotton wash with a duration of 2hrs+****

*If the clothing care label states not to tumble dry, rewash the item with a quick, cool rinse and a little detergent, then dry the item as the label suggests.
**Based on dry weight of clothing & textiles.
***Dependent on frequency of laundry & item use.
****BIORESTORE is not suitable for hand washing and does not work with washing temperature other than those stated in the instructions.

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Carbon Footprint Savings Potential*:
1 box = 35kgs of CO2e
2 boxes = 70kgs of CO2e
3 boxes = 105kgs of CO2e
5 boxes = 175kg of CO2e
10 boxes = 350kg of CO2e

*Carbon Foot Print calculations
verified Climate Partner gmbh


BIORESTORE Re-Tergent is a laundry powder made from a streamlined formulation of just 6 essential ingredients designed for maximum effect with minimal impact.

BIORESTORE contains no harmful brighteners, bleaches, or fragrances, just the essential ingredients for maximum results and minimal impact. 

In comparison to the average laundry detergent powder which contains 16+ ingredients*

*Source: Chemistry at Home, Exploring the Ingrededients in Everyday Products.
John Emsley - Royal Society of Chemistry.

BIORESTORE & all of the ingredients used are fully screened and approved by both REACH (EU) and TSCA & California Prop 65 (US) safety standards for the production and use of chemical substances.

For full transparency we share our ingredients list with you:

< 5% Ethoxylated fatty alcohol. 10-60% granulated enzymes, sodium sulphate
> 5 - 15% Non ionic tensioniser, sodium citrate, adipic acid

BIORESTORE is produced & packaged in the EU within in a fully compliant & safe environment.

What’s inside the 120g box


  • 3 sachets of BIORESTORE
  • Sustainability booklet
  • Multiple Language Instructions

Box M’ments: 18cm x 13cm x 3.5cm

Number of garments

1 Box of BIORESTORE will restore 1Kg

1Kg textiles equals approx’:

  • 6 - 8* Adult Garments
  • 10 - 12* Children’s Garments
  • 16 - 18* Infant Garments

*Based on dry garment weight


At BIORESTORE we take sustainability very seriously with this the 1st point on our journey for any product & innovation development.

After a career in the Fashion & Textile industry we leave no stone unturned and no question unanswered in our mission to produce sustainable & innovative products to help you and the planet to be a better place.

BIORESTORE is recognized and stocked by respected global brands, with all ingredients independently tested by globally recognized facilities. Several major retailers conduct their own verifications through external testing facilities."

For full transparency, BIORESTORE has partnered with sustainability specialists Climate Partner gmbh / to measure & verify the CO2e - Carbon Footprint saving potential of restoring a standard 170g T-shirt with BIORESTORE.

As part of the study with Climate Partner gmbh BIORESTORE has acheived a ‘’Climate Pledge Friendly Certification’’ for retail on the retail platform.

To learn more about the positive carbon footprint saving potential of BIORESTORE, and to access our independently verified testing report go to our Sustainability page.

Safety & Testing

BIORESTORE is fully screened and compliant with both REACH (EU) and (US) TSCA & California Prop 65 US safety standards for the production and use of chemical substances.

This covers the manufacturing and use of BIORESTORE by you, the home user, as well as by commercial users such as vintage & 2nd hand retailers who restore their clothing for resale

Delivery & Shipping

Your order will be shipped by Amazon or via Shelfless, which partners with all major online delivery services. For any order- or delivery-related questions please drop us a mail here.


To know more go to our FAQs page.

Before to After in 1 wash

Swipe through the examples of BIORESTORE before to after results from our customers & in-house laundry lab


40°c / 104°F WASH



40°c / 104°F WASH



Step-by-step guide

Select cotton garments & separate colors

Use 1 x 40g sachet per 350g garments*

Take a Before photo of your selected garments

Add BIORESTORE directly to the machine drum**

Wash warm 40ºC / 104°F, minimum 2hr wash cycle

Tumble dry or rinse wash & line dry***

Your garments are BIORESTORED

Take an after photo & compare to your before photo

Share your feedback and results with us at @biorestoreglobal

Developed in Sweden

Designed & developed in Sweden by Fashion & Textile Industry experts.

Made in the EU

BIORESTORE is produced & packed in Europe in specialised manufacturing facilities.

Safe to use*

*Screened by REACH (EU) and the TSCA & California Prop 65 (US) standards

Cruelty Free / Vegan

The ingredients of BIORESTORE are vegan and are not tested on animals

Cost Saving

Using BIORESTORE to renew clothing enables significant economic savings in comparison to purchasing new clothing.

Less is more

On average laundry powder detergents contain 16+ ingredients*. BIORESTORE is made from a minimal ingredient formulation, which is designed for maximum effect on clothing with minimal environmental impact.

*Source: Chemistry at Home, Exploring the Ingrededients in Everyday Products.
John Emsley - Royal Society of Chemistry.

What we leave out!

✗ Optical Brighteners✗ Bleaches✗ Whiteners✗ Dyes✗ Color Enhancers✗ Fragrances✗ Softeners✗ Aesthetic Powder Elements

Customer reviews


My old used towels look new!

“Just tried BIORESTORE for the first time. I mainly used it to restore my towels, specially the fabric pilling and the dull color of them. They now have a more vivid color and feel more smooth to the touch. Totally recommend it!”

Núria C

Barcelona, Spain


I’m sold!

"I have a pair of shorts that I love and have been wearing nearly every day all summer. Washed them with BIORESTORE and they look like new. Amazing!"

Viktor B

Helsingborg, Sweden


Great innovation that will extend the life of our favourite garments

"We are big fans of vintage. BIORESTORE allows our favourite pieces to continue to look & feel great. We are so excited about this innovation that will prevent clothing from entering landfills."

Chui & Valentina

New York, US

How many garments can I wash?

Each box of BIORESTORE can restore up to 6-8 adult garments or a total textile dry weight of 1kg/2.2lbs of textiles. To help calculate the garments weight we’ve taken the most common clothing items and done the maths for you.

Of course all clothing is different, with different yarn weights, volume of material for a fitted or a loose garment, therefore we recommend to grab the scales if you’d like a more accurate number.

*All garment weights based on industry standard - size medium

** All garment weights based on dry garments