The complete process to remove lint and pilling from cotton and cotton blends only in one home laundry wash with BIORESTORE Re-Tergent.

BIORESTORE Re-Tergent is a one-of-its-kind laundry solution that removes pilling, refreshes colour, revives surface and shape, and renews prints on cotton clothing. The product is developed using a dedicated enzymatic formula that targets lint and pilling in the washing machine. Not to mention the excellent clothing restoration properties!

How to use BIORESTORE laundry powder 

BIORESTORE cotton is pretty simple and easy-to-use. Every box of BIORESTORE comes with an instruction manual to guide you through every step of the process.  

Remember: It's important to stick to the below-mentioned guidelines for optimal results. 

Step 1: Select cotton garments and separate colours. 

The first step is to sort your laundry effectively. BIORESTORE cotton is most effective on clothing with at least 70% cotton composition. So, pick out your lint covered, pilled, or faded cotton garments that you want to restore with the Re-Tergent. 

Next separate the clothes into smaller loads by colour (i.e., whites and darks). 

(OPTIONAL: Take a “before” picture of your garments to see the magic of BIORESTORE) 

Step 2: Use a 1x40g sachet/ 0.35kg of garments 

Each box of BIORESTORE cotton has 3x40g sachets of laundry powder.  

  • One sachet = 0.35kg of garments/textile 
  • One box (3 sachets) = 1kg of garments/textile 

Depending on the size of your load, determine the right quantity of BIORESTORE. On average, 1 kg of textiles includes: 

  • 6–8 adult garments 
  • 10–12 children’s garments 
  • 16–18 infant’s garments 

For precise measurements, you can go to the restoration calculator available on the website or use your kitchen scales to weigh your clothing.  

Step 3: Run the cycle 

Load the washing machine with the first batch of clothes and add the right quantity of BIORESTORE (from Step 2) directly to the machine drum. 

Select the following settings: 

  • Temperature: 40ºC/104ºF 
  • Mode: Regular/Cotton/Eco 
  • Timer: 2 hours 

Start the wash cycle. 

NOTE: BIORESTORE can stop working if it’s mixed with any left-over detergent in the drawer or drawer chute. This is why adding it directly to the machine drum is the best option. It will also help in activating the ingredients instantly instead of waiting for the laundry machine to “warm up & get in the mood” 

Step 4: Tumble dry/ Rinse wash and line dry 

When the cycle is completed, remove the clothes from the washer and choose one of the following drying options: 

  • Tumble dry on a warm setting (recommended) 
  • Tumble dry on a cool setting. 
  • Rinse off with regular detergent and line dry 

Check the care label attached to the garment to select the best drying process for your clothing. With this step, your clothing restoration is complete! 

PS: The restoration effect of only one home laundry wash with BIORESTORE is effective for 9 months (depending on wear and wash frequency). 

Step 5: Share your BIORESTORE Results 

Take pictures of your clothing to reveal the results of BIORESTORE, and share them with us on our Instagram handle, @biorestoreglobal. If you took any “before” pictures, compare them with the “after” ones to see how BIORESTORE cotton worked on your clothing. We love nothing more than seeing happy customers, so don’t forget to share your feedback. In case you are not satisfied with the results, BIORESTORE also offers a hassle-free money-back guarantee to its customers.  

More helpful tips 

Now that you know the basic process for using BIORESTORE secondhand garment restorer, here are some additional tips to take your clothing restoration to the next level!  


BIORESTORE is not a detergent. It means it won't clean or remove stains from your clothing. If the garments that you have selected are soiled or stained, then you can prewash them with a regular detergent. 

Select the right temperature. 

BIORESTORE cotton uses enzymes to effectively target lint and pilling in the washing machine. To activate these enzymes, it's important to select just the optimal temperature of 40ºC (104ºF). This means that BIORESTORE is not suitable for handwashing or use at any other temperature.