SON OF TAILOR is a Danish Made to Measure Menswear Brand co-founded by Jess Fleischer and Andreas Langhorn. Launched in 2014 as a Kickstarter campaign with a single approach: to produce high qu ality t-shirts whilst reducing waste, SON OF A TAILOR quickly grew to become a rounded collection of high quality Made to Measure casual wear for men.

Born from frustration with waste!
The core spirit of Son of a Tailor was born out of the frustration with wasteful production approaches in the fashion industry, a lack of quality, properly fitting garments, & a deep customer dissatisfaction with ready to wear menswear. SON OF A TAILOR dramatically reduced waste and optimised efficiency with a digital 1st approach with online retail & razor sharp algorithms, to easily make unique tailored garments by merging technology, a smart supply chain, high quality materials and state of the art manufacture with an experienced team of industry experts.

B Corp Certified
As a B Corporation Certified company, SON OF A TAILOR’s aim is to take care of everyone involved; from the people who produce, the customer who wear’s their Tailor Made T’s, and the environment in which SON OF A TAILOR product is produced improving the industrial process, reducing waste, whilst optimising the use of raw materials at each step of the process to meet UN Sustainable Goals.

Reducing the Lifestyle Waste-pile
With founders of BIORESTORE & SON OF A TAILOR sharing a vision of the challenges, reality & the future of the Fashion & Textile Industry, with the aim to reduce the Lifestyle to Waste-pile Lifecycle, the limited edition collaboration is available to members of SON OF A TAILOR when purchasing 2 or more clothing items to renew, refresh, restore and prolong the life of wardrobe favorites and the perfectly tailored daily rotation essentials.

with SON OF A TAILOR’s mission to ‘’SUPPLY CHANGE’’ & a Laundry Re-Tergent with the bold claim of ‘’It’s not magic, it’s science’’ the collaboration between BIORESTORE & SON OF A TAILOR is a match made in menswear heaven, and the 1st BIORESTORE collaboration with a menswear focused retailer.

Available now to members of SON OF A TAILOR when purchasing 2 or more Tailor Made items while stocks last!