Instructions & How To

Should I follow the instructions for BIORESTORE?

Yes, the instructions are the key to your BIORESTORE success. We have worked hard to simplify the process and to mimic regular laundry practices, making this as simple as possible for home laundry use. If in doubt double check the instructions, or talk to us at

Is Tumble Drying important?

Yes and No. Tumble drying is the optimal way to complete the BIORESTORE process as this realigns the fibres and removes any leftover pilling.

However, if the garments cannot be Tumble Dryed, they should be rewashed on a quick, cool rinse with a small amount of detergent to remove any residue and line dried.

Can I wash more than 1 garment at a time?

Yes, we encourage you to wash several garments at the same time, as this helps with the sustainable use of resources.

How many garments can be BIORESTORED?

1 Box of BIORESTORE will restore 1Kg of clothing or textiles.

For quick reference we have provided a guide to average garment weights in the booklet inside the box of BIORESTORE, however lots of variables such as size or type of garment occur.

If in doubt it’s good to weigh your garments and refer to the number of garment items below:

1Kg textiles equals approx’:

  • 6 - 8* Adult Garments
  • 10 - 12* Children’s Garments
  • 16 - 18* Infant Garments

*Based on dry garment weight

For a rough guide to garment weight by type of clothing use the


Can I mix BIORESTORE & Laundry Detergent in the same wash?

No, this will prevent the enzymes from activating, meaning the process of BIORESTORE will not start.

Why does BIORESTORE need a 40°C Wash?

BIORESTORE works best at the temperature of 40°c.This is the optimal temperature which activates the enzyme ingredients of BIORESTORE.

Should I pre-wash my garments before using BIORESTORE?

Yes and no. Yes, if the garments are stained, soiled or have a strong odour. No, If the garments are clean, a BIORESTORE wash will be sufficient.

Can I BIORESTORE with a hand wash or cold wash?

BIORESTORE is not formulated to work as a Cold or Hand Wash product. This is because the active enzyme ingredient needs consistent exposure to a 40°c temperature, plus the continuous agitation movement of the washing machine to work.

Where do I put BIORESTORE, Drum or Drawer?

For the best before to after result, add BIORESTORE into the drum with the clothing, as this is where the active ingredient gets to work quickly & effectively without sitting in the drawer & waiting whilst the washing machine ‘’get’s in the mood’’.

There are several reasons for this, including:

BIORESTORE does not get stuck in the drawer. BIORESTORE does not mix with any left over detergent in the drawer or drawer chute (this would stop BIORESTORE from working), & it gets to work directly in the machine drum for the best results.

Other important info about the BIORESTORE sachet, carefully tear off the top of the sachet & pour the powder over the clothes in the machine drum.

NOTE! DO NOT leave the sachet in the machine drum.

What’s in the box of BIORESTORE?

Each box Includes:

  • 3 sachets of BIORESTORE
  • Sustainability booklet
  • Multiple Language Instructions

Box M’ments: 18cm x 13cm x 3.5cm

Fabrics, textiles & fibres

What is Cellulose?

Cellulose is one of the the most abundant
natural polymers which is derived from plants. Cellulosic fibres include Cotton & Linen which are widely used in the production of clothing and home textiles.

Does BIORESTORE work with Vintage Clothing?

Yes, BIORESTORE works on vintage clothing and has restored many vintage garments. To BIORESTORE vintage garments, ensure they are in sound shape and do not contain holes, or visible weaknesses before laundering.

Does BIORESTORE work with Denim and Indigo?

Yes, BIORESTORE works with black and colored Denim & Jeans as Denim is predominantly Cellulose (Cotton) based. However, BIORESTORE may have a slight lightening effect on indigo denim, which is similar to when jeans are washed with a regular detergent.

Cleaning, detergents & Re-Tergents

Does BIORESTORE clean like a detergent?

Yes and No. BIORESTORE is not a detergent in the traditional scientific sense, and does not act or clean in the same way as a detergent. During the process BIORESTORE removes any damaged fibres, lifting any light stains on the surface of the garment. Any deep staining will be loosened, but may not be fully removed.

Is BIORESTORE a detergent?

No, the chemistry of a detergent is significantly different from BIORESTORE, with a detergent containing soaps and ingredients to specifically treat stains.

What is a Re-tergent?

A Re-tergent is a restorative form of laundry care product, BIORESTORE is a patent pending Re-tergent Laundry solution.


What are ingredients of BIORESTORE?

For full transparency we share our ingredients list with you:

< 5% Ethoxylated fatty alcohol. 10-60% granulated enzymes, sodium sulphate

> 5 - 15% Non ionic tensioniser, sodium citrate, adipic acid

All ingredients are fully certified and approved by both EU and US regulatory authorities.

BIORESTORE is a consciously limited ingredient formulation designed with maximum results & minimal impact.

BIORESTORE does not contain any unnecessary fragrances, perfumes, color enhancers, aesthetic powder elements, whiteners, bleaches or color dyes.

Is BIORESTORE fragranced

No, BIORESTORE is not fragranced. This is a conscious decision, as we have chosen to limit the impact of any non essential ingredients such as fragrances, whilst maximizing the essential enzymes for the best and most sustainable effect.


Is BIORESTORE safe to use?

Yes, BIORESTORE is safe to use and has been approved for the EU and US by globally renown standards testing lab - INTERTEK achieving both REACH (EU) and EPA TSCA & California Prop 65 US safety standards.

Where is BIORESTORE produced?

BIORESTORE is produced in Europe within in a fully compliant, safe environment & professional factory facility.

Awards & Patents

Which awards has BIORESTORE won?

BIORESTORE won the H&M Foundation’s Global Change Award 2022. ‘’The Global Change Award is an innovation challenge initiated by non-profit H&M Foundation, aiming to lead the change towards a planet positive fashion and textile industry to protect the planet and our living conditions.’’

Is BIORESTORE patent pending?

Yes, BIORESTORE is a patent pending laundry Re-Tergent.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Does BIORESTORE offer any guarantees?

Yes, BIORESTORE offers a money back guarantee, which can be found here.

How many garments can I wash?

Each box of BIORESTORE can restore up to 6-8 adult garments or a total textile dry weight of 1kg/2.2lbs of textiles. To help calculate the garments weight we’ve taken the most common clothing items and done the maths for you.

Of course all clothing is different, with different yarn weights, volume of material for a fitted or a loose garment, therefore we recommend to grab the scales if you’d like a more accurate number.

*All garment weights based on industry standard - size medium

** All garment weights based on dry garments