Inimini is an independent parent founded initiative which sources and resells pre-loved, 2nd hand and vintage children's wear to sustainable and forward thinking parents who are mindful of the planet and the pennies for today and tomorrow.

Birthday Cakes and Big Plans!

Born after a conversation and a shared frustration at a Children's Birthday Party about the possibility to easily and quickly find 2nd hand clothing for children and babies, the soon to be business partners purchased 1/2 a ton of used kids clothing and within a month Inimini was born as the clothing quickly sold out to family, friends and local parents.

Parent Founders

The Founders of Inimini Josefin Runquist and Maja Vallinder, who had previously worked in the fashion industry have the desire to make children’s clothing last as long as possible for as many parents and children as possible whilst reducing the Lifestyle to Landfill Lifecycle.
Since launch until today, Inimini has grown whilst reducing the footprint of virgin clothing resources and quickly becoming a sustainable business with sustainability at its heart.

The Before & After Tests

It was the 🔎 ‘’the Before & After Testing Series’’ 🔎 that convinced Josefin and Maja that BIORESTORE was a product for them, their kids, and their customers, with feedback from customers quickly coming in with stories of hand me down clothing look like new from Big Sisters to Little Sisters looking like new!


BIORESTORE x Inimini have come together with a shared vision to prolong clothings life whilst reducing the environmental footprint of the fashion industry and the clothing that is produced.
BIORESTORE available now