As a well known high street retailer across Scandinavia and beyond, with +510k followers across @lindexofficial & @lindexofficialkids, & with countless unofficial So’Me accounts praising the quality of Lindex’s commitment to quality & sustainability Lindex is perfectly placed to widen the reach of BIORESTORE.

Empowerment & Inspiration since 1954
Since 1954 Lindex’s goal has been to empower & inspire customers, with a sustainable promise to empower future generations, respecting the planet & standing up for human rights, whilst offering affordable, inspiring fashion ranges for women, children & infants.

Lindex’s passionate customers
were a key reason for the team at BIORESTORE wanting to collaborate with Lindex, as we heard time & again about the quality and durability of Lindex’s children's wear. Once we had sourced & restored a bulk of 2nd hand Lindex kids clothes, we were convinced to make everything happen to bring a collaboration alive, enabling Lindex clothing to be used for generations to come.

A key player on the 2nd hand market
Lindex’s children's clothing are a regular feature on resale stores and social media resellers, as the design, quality and longevity are key features for customers looking for sustainable clothing for their children. By using BIORESTORE the quality of colors, prints and fabrics are renewed & restored giving an as new feeling to clothing that has often been many many times by 1 or more child or sibling, keeping precious little ones looking and feeling good.

Part of Lindex Garment Care offer,
As part of the Lindex Garment Care offer, BIORESTORE is a key tool for care, repair & restoration of clothing as Lindex & its customers move towards prolonging the life and good looks of their clothing for as long as possible, whilst reducing the environmental footprint that clothing contributes to.

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