On a mission to limit landfill
Founded in 2021, Astrids Vänner is a mindful online retailer that sources, resells, and offers consignment of pre-loved, second-hand, and vintage clothing, with the aim of keeping clothing out of landfill and on the lifestyle lifecycle for as long as possible, whilst finding new wardrobe favorites for Astrids Friends.

Join Astrids Vänner & friends!
With a dedicated following of 5.5k on Instagram, the community of dedicated, sustainable and forward-thinking fashion consumers is growing, much like our’s at BIORESTORE, helping to spread the word about the possibility to renew, refresh & restore wardrobe favorites whether new or old, pre’loved or re’loved.

Meet Astrids influencer Vänner & friends!
Astrids Vänner has not only captured the hearts of their customers but also garnered the attention of influencers with substantial reach & sustainable thinking. These influencers regularly contribute by sharing their unique clothing for sale on the site or by making one-of-a-kind purchases from the platform.

Alongside Astrid Vänners laundry care favorites!
Alongside BIORESTORE, Astrids Vänner also stocks favorites in clothing & laundry care, to sustainability take care of what we have in our wardobes, or to freshen up the vintage finds picked on the site, making us feel honored that Astrids Vänner has chosen to feature BIORESTORE as their latest addition in clothing care.