Simple to use
Designed to work in the exact same way as regular Detergents, the Award Winning BIORESTORE Laundry Re-Tergent is quick and simple to use. Simply add the Re-Tergent powder to the washing machine along with the selected home textiles, set the wash to 40°c, grab a coffee and wait for your restoration of towels, bedding, pyjamas & sleepwear to take place.

Exfoliation not just for delicate skin
but also for your favorite cotton bed linens, table wear, towels and sleepwear. By using a patent pending minimal ingredient formulation BIORESTORE gives high impact results, as the minimal enzyme formulation gently exfoliates damaged cotton clothing fibres, removing pilling, noppor and fine surface damage which gives your home textiles the appearance and feeling of looking old, worn out, faded, lifeless and tired.

Sustainable thinking since 1937
Since 1937 Kid has brought textile sustainability to the heart of Scandinavia’s home’s.
With over 150 stores across Norway, Kid’s design and sourcing teams aim for the smallest environmental impacts and the biggest benefits. The BIORESTORE x Hemtex collaboration give the Hemtex customer the opportunity to prolong the life of their Home & Interior Textiles.

is available online at as part of the ongoing commitment of Kid to sustainability and supporting sustainable solutions for the Home Textile and Interior Textile Industry.

‘’It’s not magic, it’s science’’