Catchup with BIORESTORE Founders to learn more about the journey behind the brand and the unwavering dedication towards sustainable fashion  

They say all stories start as yarns. Ours began with deep fibre analysis, quite literally. A worn-out, faded thread from a fabric destined for the rapidly growing mountain of textile waste. We, the team behind BIORESTORE were not always revolutionaries in the laundry care industry. After spending decades in the fashion industry, we witnessed the art of manufacturing firsthand. From the scrupulous selection of every fabric to the hardworking textile workers, to countless creative hands along the way, we evidenced the heart and soul poured into every item of clothing. But this magic, we realised, came at a huge cost.

The ever-increasing landfills overflowing with thrown-out clothes painted a gloomy picture. These were not just unknown fabrics and textiles: they were once loved partners- a favourite t-shirt, a well-worn sweater, discarded clothing with infinite stories and memories. The 3Rs of sustainability “reduce, reuse, recycle” were lacking something. Sure, they are very important steps, but what if there was a way to add another chapter?

This is where our story truly began. It's much more than a narrative of product's creation, but an indication to the power of experience, a shared vision, and the unwavering search for a better solution. Here, we go through the threads of BIORESTORE’s journey, from the first spark to the transformative impact we aim for today.

From Frustration to Deep Fibre Analysis: Seeds of Change

Wajahat Hussain and Richard Toon, the co-founders of BIORESTORE, boast a combined experience of more than 40 years in the fashion and textile industries. From manufacturers and producers to weavers and creators, they have worked with big names that helped in building a unique perspective.  

They have seen the fashion industry from every possible angle. The art and dedication that goes behind each fabric’s manufacturing, but also the inevitable end- the quickly discarded clothing filling into landfills and multiplying the environmental costs.

The existing solutions and practices were surely a step ahead from the traditional fashion industry, but it still felt like just the beginning. Reducing, reusing, and recycling all are fundamental mantras of sustainability, but the point of extending an existing fabric’s lifecycle before it reaches the stage of recycling stays unaddressed.

This is when the groundbreaking idea of “restoration” was born. A missing piece of jigsaw that could make all other pieces fall into place.  

The Birth of “Garment 0”- A Goosebump Moment 

The idea for a restorative product i.e., BIORESTORE wasn't born in a flash of lightning. It was a process fueled by curiosity and experimentation. A pivotal moment arrived when Wajahat, inspired by his studies, presented Richard with a seemingly ordinary item – a cut-in-half, worn-out sweater belonging to Wajahat's son Arish.

This might seem like a mundane task for individuals who regularly work with developing fabrics and garments. But this was different. The next day, Wajahat showed Richard the other ½ of the same sweater which had been “transformed” to new- the handfeel, colour, texture, pilling, everything had changed.

This "goosebump moment," as it's referred to within BIORESTORE, marked the birth of the very first sample – "Garment 0." which is now proudly framed on the wall next to Awards, press cuttings, and customer notes & reviews. It was the spark that ignited the idea for a revolutionary laundry care solution that would change the way people preserve their clothes and the birth of a new laundry category of Re-Tergent clothing care.   

Years of Research and Dedication 

The journey from "Garment 0" to an industralised, marketable product wasn't short. Beyond zoom calls and awards, years were dedicated to scientific research. As mentioned on the BIORESTORE website,  

"We studied the yarns, inspected the garment failures, crunched the numbers, and analysed the data to develop a solution." 

This period of meticulous development ensured a scientific formula with a real impact on garment longevity. 

BIORESTORE isn't magic; it's science. The team at BIORESTORE wasn't satisfied with a one-time success. They delved deep into the science of fabric degradation. They analyzed how different fibers react to wear and tear, the impact of washing cycles, and the factors that contribute to fading and pilling.  

This data-backed solution enabled them to develop the first-ever Patent Pending laundry Re-Tergent named “BIORESTORE”.   

Partnerships & Endorsements  

BIORESTORE understood that innovation alone wouldn't be enough. There was a need to bridge the gap between scientific discovery and real-world impact. This is where partnerships with major fashion brands came into play.  

Currently, BIORESTORE is being retailed by major fashion brands including Lindex, H&M*, Polarn O. Pyret, the Mills Fabrica, Kid, Gina Tricot, Inimini, Son of a Tailor. Astrids Vänner, and HEMTEX.  

The brand is also endorsed by Global Publications with articles from Harper’s Bazaar, El Pais, The H&M Foundation, Conde Nast, Vogue Scandinavia, WWD, Ecotextile News, and Drapers Record. These partnerships and recognitions not only provided valuable insights into consumer needs but also served as a powerful validation of BIORESTORE's revolutionary technology.  

A Road towards Sustainable Fashion

Sustainability is the driving force behind BIORESTORE. From planning (using only minimal & essential ingredients) to production to implementation, BIORESTORE has streamlined every process to ensure that the brand can have a positive social and environmental impact.  

The brand has recently partnered with Climate Partner gmbh to calculate the environmental impact of restoring one cotton t-shirt as compared to buying a new one. The unwavering dedication towards sustainability and the motivation to transform the fashion industry has landed several awards and nominations for BIORESTORE.  

  • H&M Foundation Global Change Award (2022) 
  • The Index Project Nominee (2023) 
  • Norrsken Impact 100 (2023) 
  • Earth Shot Prize Nominee (2023) 
  • Amazon Climate Pledge Friendly Certification 

What comes next?

BIORESTORE's vision extends far beyond traditional laundry care. Our goal is to become a global leader in clothing restoration, a household name for extending the life of your favourite pieces of clothing. We believe restoration should be the first choice, not a last resort and the amazing response that we have received so far affirms that we are on the right track.  

Clothes are more than just fabric; they're woven with memories and emotions. Similar to that, BIORESTORE isn't just about sustainability data either; it's about preserving the stories held within the very threads we wear every day.  

This human element, alongside our scientific innovation, is what truly sets BIORESTORE apart. We invite you to join us in rewriting the ending for your clothes, one restored thread, one cherished memory at a time. 

*H&M (Nordic App)